Apple’s Magic Trackpad

After completing my contract project for version 1.0 of Deep Dish Design’s iPad product, my business manager/advisor gave me permission to make some capital improvements. Namely, to invest in a new input device… Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

Not a purchase of necessity by any  means.

Actually, as nice as the trackpad is on my MacBook, I’m not a big fan of using it unless I happen to be traveling light, or forgot to bring a mouse (usually the case).

But, guess what? I have really enjoyed using the Magic Trackpad. I have yet to reach for my well used Magic Mouse. I think part of it is that I don’t have to reach in front of the keyboard to actually use it. It sits to the side, wherever I want it, and is ergonomically “just right” in term of reach and placement. It also seems less “twitchy” than the Magic Mouse when it comes to zooming in Google Maps or dynamically resizing content in a browser window. Plus, no false zooms like I get with the Magic Mouse – so, incredibly annoying.

Definitely a worthy investment so far.

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